Redeem Close O2, Three, Sky and Envirofone Trade-In due to COVID-19

Redeem Group PLC, have now suspended mobile phone trade-in activity with O2, Three and Sky as well as their own Envirofone website.

In the notice on the O2 Recycle website the reason for the suspension of the service is for Redeem to allow their workers in their processing facility to stay at home in line with UK government social distancing guidelines for tackling the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

It is currently unknown when Redeem will be able to resume their trade-in services given the significant uncertainty with the UK coronavirus situation.

What will this mean for Smartphone Price Track Data?

As Redeem has effectively taken down all of their customer-facing websites for all of these sites it is not possible to capture price data from them until these are re-opened.

This will mean that the number of sources that Smartphone Price Track captures from will be reduced for this period.